Polished Concrete


Up to 10 times harder than standard polished concrete, HIPERFLOOR is seamless and almost completely non wearing! Applied with the latest in dustless and dry diamond grinding technology, it can be polished to a matt, mid gloss or a mirror like high gloss finish with an exposed or non exposed aggregate finish and coloured if required! It works as a stylish design statement in your home or as a hard wearing practical choice in any retail outlet or warehouse and factory floor. Any concrete floor whether old or new can be polished to HIPERFLOOR standard. The future of polished concrete is HIPERFLOOR and it’s available right now!


It’s much more than just concrete and a grinder. It is a specific system of grinding and polishing concrete that utilises a chemical surface hardener that results in a floor of up to 10 times harder than standard polished concrete!

It has incomparable advantages in abrasion resistance and non marking properties. The toughest forklift traffic is no match for the strength of HIPERFLOOR! It is protected from chemical and water stains by the application of a high quality penetrating sealer which can last up to 15 years!

This penetrates deep into the concrete and hydrolyses in the pores and capillaries forming a water and chemical barrier. Because this sealer penetrates below the surface, HIPERFLOOR has superior slip reducing qualities compared to floors with a surface coating!

Other floor treatments such as surface sealers and epoxies have a relatively short life span, requiring regular resealing or waxing and are more expensive and time consuming to maintain. There is also the solvent odours during application and resealing which may require the vacating of the premises during application and curing!

With HIPERFLOOR, application is odorless and relatively quiet meaning application can be worked around your requirements without any need to vacate – no downtime, no lost earnings, minimal inconvenience!

Just consider the cost of professional cleaning in a commercial situation and compare that to the maintenance requirements of HIPERFLOOR which only requires a mopping with a low alkaline non caustic detergent. HIPERFLOOR is permanently low maintenance!


  • » Easy maintenance
  • » VOC free, low dust build up for a hygienic and clean environment
  • » Is a seamless floor
  • » Odourless application and quiet and dustless machine operation poses no inconvenience to other contractors or the general public
  • » Rejuvenates old, worn and pitted floors
  • » Non wearing as it has no coating
  • » Adds many years to a concrete floors life span
  • » Will prove more economical over time
  • » Light reflective – can improve reflected light by up to 35% compared to coated floors giving any space a feeling of airiness and spaciousness
  • » Better slip reducing qualities than coated floors

DECORATIVE FLOOR TOPPINGS: For new construction projects please consult with us during your planning process for advice on ideal concrete mixes for HIPERFLOOR polished concrete. Some options include:

COLOURED CONCRETE – The entire mix is coloured with your choice of colour and specially selected aggregates and finished according to the requirements of polished concrete.

MONOLITHIC AND BONDED TOPPING SLABS: A thin coloured slab at up to 40mm thick over the top of a freshly poured or existing slab with specially selected aggregate and other decorative effects seeded in the top can often work out cheaper than colouring the entire slab. The job situation will determine the feasibility of this process. This is the best method to overcome diverse levels or severely damaged existing concrete. The results of this can be spectacular – like polished granite at a quarter of the price.

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